Warmly welcome to Villa Knystaforsen

Spend the night in one of our guest rooms in the beautiful Villa Knystaforsen right next to us and the river Nissan. All of our rooms have views to the river, bathroom, comfortable beds, a sitting area, and coffee and tea at our guests disposal. Wind down with the white noise from the river as backdrop, and enjoy the tranquility of our beautiful surroundings before and after your dinner with us.

We also have more simple, yet nice, B&B rooms, which can be booked for groups of up to 6. You have double rooms, and share a bathroom.

Pizza & stay

Our rooms in Villa Knystaforsen are usually reserved for Knystaforsen guests. While Knystaforsen is closed in November 2023-January 2024 the rooms can be booked by guests eating at Knystaria.

Book your table at Knystaria here

Request to book a room: knystaria@knystaria.se

Book the rooms at a special price while Knystaforsen is closed:

Price per person, breakfast is not included

Stay in Villa Knystaforsen in shared double room: 600 SEK

Stay in Villa Knystaforsen in double room, one person: 800 SEK