Our beverage pairings

Our beverages are an equally important part of your dining experience as the dishes, reflecting our natural surroundings. We pair our dishes with Nordic and European beverages, made with an array of fruits, berries, and of course grapes. The non-alcoholic options contain equally hand-selected components and are brewed in-house, or caringly crafted by friends of Knystaforsen.

We will raise the price of our pairings with 100 SEK from July 2024

Our non-alcoholic juices, kombuchas and wild fermented beverages

950 SEK

Our fun selection of alcoholic beverages with a funkier twist
1350 SEK

Our more classic selection with wines you know and elegant surprises
1950 SEK

A combination of our non-alcoholic tipples and highlights from our two wine pairings
1550 SEK

Knystaforsen - Rydöforsvägen 4 - 314 42 Rydöbruk - Sweden | info@knystaforsen.se

Please send us an email if you have any questions. We can be hard to reach by phone.