Here are answers to the most common questions we get. For other wonderings, please write an email to booking@knystaforsen.se


Where will we stay?

Villa Knystaforsen

If you book a table with an overnight stay in Villa Knystaforsen, double room, then you will spend the night in one of our guest rooms in Villa Knystaforsen right next to us and the river Nissan. All of our rooms have views to the river, bathroom, comfortable beds, a sitting area, and coffee and tea at our guests disposal.

Villa Knystaforsen – Penthouse

Our penthouse apartment in Villa Knystaforsen has two double rooms and a living room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony that you share with your friends.


Ställverket is right next to us and Knystaria, a brick house with 3 double rooms and a garden, bathroom and kitchen that you share with your friends.

Local B&B

If you book a dinner with an overnight stay, then you will be staying in either our Penthouse, Ställverket or a double room with own bathroom at a local B&B close to Knystaforsen, usually Lahult B&B. We always offer a complimentary transfer for our guests who book a table with an overnight stay. You may be sharing a bathroom with your friends, but never with strangers.


You can book double rooms with or without private bathroom at Torups Gästgivaregård. If you book accommodation on you own, we do usually not offer transport, but you are of course welcome to request i. Alternatively, there is a bus running from Torup to Rydöbruk.

Mobile home / husbil parking

You are welcome to park a mobile home at our parking space without any charge. If you plan to do so, just let us know – and you may also order breakfast the following day if you wish. Please write: booking@knystaforsen.se

There is also aa campsite for mobile homes just around the corner from us, at Rydö Golfklub


Nature is all around us, with plenty of space to pitch a tent. Here in Sweden you are free to do so anywhere in nature, as long as you do not disturb or destroy anyone or anything. Read more here. We do not offer camping on our property.

What does a dinner at Knystaforsen cost?

See more about the experience and our current prices here

Can we charge an electric car?

You can charge your car by our neighbours CBM retail (between Knystaforsen and Knystaria). Use the app Spirii go. Please note that a payment is required for charging. The charging stations are not available Monday-Friday 7-16. Please note that we cannot guarantee the functionality of the charging stations on the day of your visit. Another option is to charge the car in Hyltebruk, next to Coop (free of charge).

When can I book for later dates?

We’re currently open for bookings until the end of April 2024. If you’d like to book on a future date that is not yet available in the booking system, please sign up for our newsletter where we inform about future booking options.

Do you cater to special diets?

We are not able to accommodate vegan, gluten free or milk free menus.

We can always make pescetarian and vegetarian alternatives and can cater to many common food allergies if we get a notice well in advance. Pregnancy is no problem.

Can I bring a child?

Children 11 years of age or older are welcome, however we do not offer special children’s menus or -prices. No babies, unfortunately, but we can help you find a local babysitter. Children of all ages are welcome if you book our Chef’s table (available to book for min. 7 adults). And of course children are also super welcome at our sister restaurant, Knystaria.

Can I bring a dog?

No dogs or other pets, sorry, at Knystaforsen or in Villa Knystaforsen. Dogs are welcome if you stay at Lahult, and if book our Chef’s table (available to book for min. 7 people).

Can I bring my own wine?

No, according to Swedish law we are not allowed to let guests bring their own wine or other alcoholic beverages. This also applies when you book one of our rooms.

What is your dress code?

You willl be eating your dinner indoors. We wear what makes us feel comfortable, and we expect nothing else from you. Please be advised that Knystaforsen is situated in the middle of nature, why we recommend casual footwear. We cook over an open fire, and from time to time we invite our guests to join us outdoors. This can leave a smoky remark on your clothing, just the way we like it. With that in mind, you do not need any special clothes.

What are the seating times?

When booking or checking into Villa Knystaforsen you will be appointed a time between 18.30-18.50. We only have one seating, which lasts approximately 4 hours.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes – you can buy a gift certificate that you can print out yourself right here.

Will you do Cooking on Fire Workshops again?

We currently do not have any Cooking on fire workshops planned, sorry. You can see more about Cooking on fire and sign up for the newsletter here.

How to get here by public transport?

You can travel to Rydöbruk by bus from Torup, Halmstad or Hyltebruk. Trains run to Torup nearby from Halmstad, Falkenberg and Jönköping with direct connections to Malmö, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

How to order a taxi?

To / from Halmstad there are several options for booking a taxi, e.g. Tre Hjärtan. The nearest local taxi service is Sennans Taxi. It is a good idea to book the taxi in advance.

Which are the nearest airports?

The nearest international airports are Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen, all within 1,5-2 hours from us. There is also an airport in Halmstad 45 minutes away, with connections to Stockholm among other places.

Can we walk/cycle?

We are close to the walking route Hallandsleden and the cycling route Hylteslingan.

What are the terms for confirmation and cancellation?

When booking you will pay a booking deposit of 1 000 SEK per person. Once the payment is received the booking is confirmed. If payment is not received within 24 hours after booking, the booking will be automatically cancelled. The booking deposit will be deducted from the bill on the day. The deposit will not be returned if you cancel your reservation, regardless of the cause. It may be changed to another date up until 14 days before (see below). You are of course always welcome to pass on your booking to someone else. If so, please write us an email to booking@knystaforsen.se

Can I change my reservation to another date?

You may change the reservation to another date up until 14 days before and keep the deposit. Less than 14 days before, a new deposit must be paid in order to change the booking to another date. This is regardless of the cause, sorry. Of course you are always welcome to pass on the reservation to a friend if for some reason you cannot make it. In that case, please write an e-mail to booking@knystaforsen.se

Why won’t I get my deposit back if I cancel or want to change the booking less than 14 days before?

Booking a table with us is similar to buying a ticket to a concert, theater, or a holiday. Every time a table is booked in our restaurant, it locks the possibility that another guest can book. Therefore, every cancellation means a loss for our restaurant, since we only have 8 tables, even a single cancellation can mean that we lose up to 20% of our turnover that night, as we cannot necessarily pass the table on to somebody else with a short notice. This also applies when rebooking.

Can you recommend walking routes or other activities around you?

There are lots of things to do in our beautiful surroundings. Please check Hylte Kommuns tourist site for info and advice.