Please observe!

Our breakfast is reserved for dinner guests at Knystaforsen. We reserve the right to cancel breakfast reservations made by guests who are not dining with us the night before.

Breakfast at Knystaforsen

Here at Knystaforsen, we like to celebrate mornings, our favorite time of the day. It’s quiet, the air is crisp and nature is a fragile fairytale, pierced by rays of golden light that twinkle on our creek.

For a long time we’ve wanted to share these magical early hours with you, over a wholesome breakfast in our dining room.

We’re finally making it happen and will treat you to those things we all crave to start the day off right; cold cuts, dairy, grains, berries, and a few warm dishes made with the best products we can get our hands on, from local suppliers and our bountiful surroundings.

Think of it as an extension of the dinner you had the night before, cooked over fire, of course, yet lighter and more casual.

500 SEK

With drip coffee, tea, juice, and our seasonal homemade beverages included.

Please when you reserve your morning moment with us, make sure to book the day after your dinner with us so we can prepare everything accordingly.

Knystaforsen - Rydöforsvägen 4 - 314 42 Rydöbruk - Sweden |

Please send us an email if you have any questions. We can be hard to reach by phone.